Visit with us Athos the Holy Mountain

agio_oros01In Sky bag, we take care of all those processes required to visit the Holy Mountain.

To visit Mount Athos you need to have previously issued a residence certificate under your name. For the emission of the residence certificate you must follow the following procedure, firstly you have to call approximately one month earlier in our office, then you must inform the responsible officer about the date you want to enter Mount Athos and the monasteries which you wish to visit and stay overnight.

The next step you should follow is to call the ticket office in Ouranoupoli and make a boat reservation for the date you please.

You will receive the residence certificate, that will be issued under your name, from the pilgrims’ office in Ouranoupoli the day you will enter Mount Athos and its duration is for 4 days (or as you wish on request). To receive your residence certificate you need your ID. In the event of a storm there is not a ship to enter Mount Athos, the same residence certificate will be valid for the next day and it will not be canceled.


Emission rights of residence certificate have all Greek citizens as well as foreigners.

The boat departs daily at 9.45 am and arrives at the port of Dafni around 12 at noon, from there you can go by bus to the capital of Mount Athos, Karyes. At Karyes there are restaurants and hotels for those wishing to visit various monasteries, hermitages or cells. Also, they can charter minibuses or taxis type jeep.

No entry to Mount Athos to those deported and because of some crimes they are unwelcome by the Holy Community. Also on Mount Athos entry is forbidden for women as it is universally known as the so-called “Abaton” (impassable). Guests need to be modestly dressed and not to have with them camcorders. No admittance to people under 18 years old without an escort, forbidden are as well hunting and gun ownership.

The monasteries open their gates at sunrise and close them at sunset.

  • Monastery of Great Lavra
  • Monastery of Vatopedi
  • Monastery of Iveron
  • Monastery of Chelandar
  • Monastery of Dionysios
  • Monastery of Koutloumousios
  • Monastery of Pantocrator
  • Monastery of Xiropotamos
  • Monastery of Zografos
  • Monastery of Dochiarios
  • Monastery of Karakalos
  • Monastery of Philotheos
  • Monastery of Simon Petra
  • Monastery of Saint Paul
  • Monastery of Stavronikitas
  • Monastery of Xenophon
  • Monastery of Gregorios
  • Monastery of Esfigmenos
  • Monastery of Panteleimon
  • Monastery of Kastamonitos